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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to the best wildlife spot on Earth


Maasai Mara is beyond comparison to any other place on Earth in terms of mammals density. Mainly during the Great Wildbeest Migration, a yearly phenomenon that floods this park in Kenya with an enormous amount of herbivores. Millions of wildebeests and hundreds of thousands zebras cross all the way from Serengeti in Tanzania up to the green lands of Maasai Mara in Kenya, which flourishes of green grass with the seasonal rains that hits this region in the first half of the year. Of course that with this movement of herbivores around, the Mara resident predators enjoy what is for them the best moment of the year, and this is what my trip to the Mara this year brings up: delightful sightings of our favorite big cats, including from frugal behavior to breathtaking action.

I will tell here some of the most exciting scenes I have ever witnessed in my past safaris in Africa and in the Mara.

Having so many excellent wildlife viewing and specially bigcat sightings, which provided so many stunning photographic opportunities, is not about being lucky, but the result of guidance of a very experienced and knowledgeable team formed by renowned professional wildlife photographers Jonathan Scott and Angie Scott, the most skilled and best wildlife specialist cameraman Warren Samuels, and a very dedicated team of genuine maasai drivers and trackers led by Jackson Looseyia of Rekero Camp, which hosted the group of 16 adventurous guests of this fantastic trip.





This brilliant week starts in the very core of Maasai Mara reserve, the region called the Mara Confluence where Mara river meets the Talek river, exactly where Rekero Camp is settled every year. We have spent almost 8 days in this nature’s paradise and along this week many scenes have been seen. I sincerely hope I can transmit you the joy and thrill of these scenes through my pictures.

Keep watching… the adventure is just beginning…
Herds on the Move

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We are back...

New interesting and thrilling posts to come. After almost an year of refrain we will restart writing new stories and publish pictures of our latest trips to Africa.

Get back to you soon.