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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Trip to India

Welcome to India
Welcome to India

Here we start to share with you the best of our first trip to India. For us, who have been many times toAfrica, there was a mixture of high expectations and fear of disappointment because we will have always Africa to compare with.

The objective of this trip has been, as always, the wildlife experience, but as it was our first time there we had also to spend some time to meet some other urban places to have a glance of the people, the culture and the landmarks. And the urban part of the trip has been lovely! We have visited only Delhi and Agra, but just this glimpse of both cities have been enough to surprise us with a beautiful architecture and exquisite food.

Objectives have been accomplished! The Indian jungles are so great! They have a complete different atmosphere than the african savannahs, I should say, unique (it is one of those places were the temperature, the sounds, the light and the smells form together an unmistakable identity.

And of course, the main attraction of all, the tigers! The tiger safari was our target number one and we could not be better blessed in this trip when speaking of tiger sightings! Well, this is just the introduction, so we will let the to tell you the tiger experience in detail on the next chapters.

So, we have spent 2 days in Delhi, then 4.5 days in Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, 4 days in Ramthambhore National Park in Rajastan and 1.5 day in Agra. Then you will find in our next posts our day-by-day experiences and, of course, the photographs. We hope you enjoy and maybe get inspired to pay a visit to the Indian Tigers….!

Keep watching… the adventure is just beginning…
Tiger Eyes

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