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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No bad weather for lions in the Mara

I have arrived on the Mara after a quick flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Olkiombo airstrip. Heading to the camp we just had time to have lunch and officially meet the crew that would be part of this promising trip before we did our first game drive.

One of the first sightings we have had opportunity to photograph in this trip as soon as we have gone out for the first safari drive in the afternoon was about some of the Paradise Pride females diving their claws and teeth on a big wildebeest carcass.

Scene #1 - Lionesses, Cubs and a carcass

The wildebeest was still fresh, so I think we missed the whole action for quite little time. The weather was not so good for photography because the rain started to fall in the afternoon and sky was still cloudy, and light was already fading fast with the night coming up, but the scene was perfect for warming up our gears and I was extreme anxious imagining what the Mara reserved for us for that first drive, so I clicked…

Scene #1 - Lionesses, Cubs and a carcass

On the technical side, there are those who prefer to keep the coolness of the scene and keep white balance neutral to cold, while others prefer to force warm tones. I think both options produce excellent results. The dramatic appeal of this scene in particular accepts both settings, although I personally think that the best picture in this set is this one with colder aspect, I can nearly feel the fresh air and smell the earth moisture drenched by the afternoon showers – what do you think?

Scene #1 - Lionesses, Cubs and a carcass

The lionesses had no competitors around such as hyenas or other lionesses of the pride, but this could be just a matter of time given the hour of the day. As long as we stayed there, we could calmly observe these lionesses enjoy their dinner peacefully.

Scene #1 - Lionesses, Cubs and a carcass

What a start! How I missed that place…! These lionesses on a kill were exactly what I needed to revive the feeling of being back on that enchanting place called Maasai Mara.

More updates to come…
Scene #1 - Lionesses, Cubs and a carcass

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